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Pattern #22-1797
1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4" 
10 & 25-yard spools

Artistic Ribbon ships satin, grosgrain, fancies and velvet ribbon immediately from our own stock warehouse -- no waiting, no delays.  We offer same day shipping at the lowest wholesale ribbon prices. Since 1928 Artistic Ribbon has been the leading supplier of quality ribbon, stocking the most complete line of the finest ribbons on the market.  We look forward to continued service as your ribbon merchant, and we thank you for your business.



 Floral Ribbon
a wire-edge collection

Burlap ribbon:

pewter wired Burlap ribbon
022 Pewter


light pink wired Burlap ribbon
117 Light Pink


red wired Burlap ribbon
250 Red


burgundy wired Burlap ribbon
277 Burgundy


turquoise wired Burlap ribbon
240 Turquoise


purple wired Burlap ribbon
465 Purple


fuchsia wired Burlap ribbon
466 Fuchsia


apple wired Burlap ribbon
550 Apple


moss wired Burlap ribbon
570 Moss


kelly green wired Burlap ribbon
578 Kelly Green


yellow wired Burlap ribbon
642 Yellow


gold wired Burlap ribbon
675 Gold


orange wired Burlap ribbon
750 Orange


natural wired Burlap ribbon
825 Natural


russet wired Burlap ribbon
836 Russet


white wired Burlap ribbon
029 White


black Burlap ribbon
030 Black


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Description:  Burlap has never ever looked so good!  Offered with a wire edge, this colorfast weave is the perfect ribbon for
floral arrangements, serious craft projects and finishing touches whenever a splash of rustic color is required. 
Making perfect even better is the broad selection of wide widths that are offered -- from
1-1/2 inches up to four inches... and of course, convenient ten and twenty-five yard
put-ups make the Burlap Ribbon a truly versatile workhorse.


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